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GM Console

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GM Console

Post by CapriCorN on Sun May 08, 2011 5:28 pm

Hey there guys,
I've been cruising through the internet again lately,
and I started wondering about the GM console, like editing your PK2 to make it look a little different on your pc.
Is this thing eventually legal? Cause it doesn't do anything, but perhaps the GM's or anyone can see that I modified this.
The reason I ask this, is cause of the useful camera option in the GM console, since I want to start making really good videos,
this is possible without the GM console too, but it would help me a lot.

Anyone can give me some information about this? I found a guide on silkroadsecrets on how to do it, but I wasn't able to find the pk2editing software for it anywhere either, so if it is 'legal' and you know where to find it, feel free to put down a link or anything you prefer.

Thanks in advance,

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