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WTT lv 107 ff rogue/cleric isro hercules=Csro char

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WTT lv 107 ff rogue/cleric isro hercules=Csro char

Post by Oblivion on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:53 pm

Hi guis,im Adoniss ^_^'' since my acc wont work annymore ....idk what hapened to it..i just post from this one xD since long time i wan to come back in csro ...but i cant fiind a char to buy -.-'',i was Adoniss ingame to,i sold the char when i left,and my farmed warr...i just lost the notepad with dates T_T

i wana trade some of my get a decent char is first of it
OFFER here including your email adress ( ONLY CSRO OFFERS !! I WONT ANSWER TO OTHERS)

name: Der_Wayne
Build: Rogue/Cleric ( ff in crossbow/dadgers/cleric for 107) 280k sp left
Silk Items:5 Avatars,i can add 2more premium avatars ( one without blues added ),3 char full with devil from event ( 5% for 7 days...arent activated ), 20% devil +grab dead
Char Items: dadgers nova+9,xbow normal+7,shield normal+10,2 rings+neckleace nova,earring+1 ring sun at store,chest nova immo 5,foot,hands,shoulders nova,390m on it
head +8,legs+3:) novas are +6 foot,rest+3
I wana trade it for a EU char 101+ in GoldenAge only ( there are all my friends,so i wont accept other server) char must be ff and with verry good gear...i accept also gold or silk items in golden age....please dont post stupid offers -.-'' how we trade? will be great if we can ask a trust forum member to be middleman for us:)

NOTE: with it i can give a 2nd char...lvl 105 warrior/cleric
Skills:101 ff in warr/96 cler ff ,1 avatar,nacked

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