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WTS Str bower Lv101/ Wizard Lv81/gold (Div2 Universal)

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WTS Str bower Lv101/ Wizard Lv81/gold (Div2 Universal)

Post by najwan1939 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:45 am

Hello guys, I am at the point where i really need that money and I should really quit because i must give attention to real life so, i am selling the current chars
P.S: Everything is on server Universal, much non chinese players there.
Chars are :
1- 9:1 str bower, great build , u can check that Wink
Name : Godly

Other info like skills, items etc, u can see in picture;
Gear and stuff :

Skills :

2- Full int wizard, lv81, made just for power leveling, can take those 78 / 80 mages at takala easily and fast .
Great for plvling any char , plvling any char to 72 is fast and easy and cheap using this char+[We don\'t allow bot discussions here!], i can tell you how if u want to Smile
Also this char works as a goldbot by lvling anywhere by it self
or making gold through making a taxi.

Again, a picture says a thousand word so , take a look :
Gear and stuff:


You can buy chars naked ,or including his gear, or including everything.
if u take everything u will save money .and make me save time .

If you are interested in buying just gold,
I currently have : 753m cash
+ 13 reverse scroll .
I also got 9d +5 FB prot female set.
Much other shits in storage like pets and stuff
too lazy to make pictures for everything.
Wizard includes also som 8D set.
Also some som / sos daggers/warlockrod 9d.

Improtant stuff that you should know before dealing with me :
I think i am well known at my server and u can ask about me, i am not up to scam anyone.
I must verify that u are trusted, and u won't get the char until u pay,u can capture the deal on hyper cam and if i scam report me ;P

to answer some FAQ :
Q1.Can I try the char before I buy it?
A1. No.

Q2.How can I know that I can trust you?
A2.I think that you can't, you can ask about me tho,but u have to trust me if you are buying something .

Q3.How will I pay you?

**You're not dealing with a child here, take make things clear about paypal :
According to the laws , charge-back is equal to stealing, and it is against the law and forbidden in the world, and the governments deal with it as any other federal offense, the one who break the rules, will be punished.

I've worked a lot in this, please leave an offer.
Or add
or Najwan93 at skype

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