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Fortress war [16.10.2010] on Eagle

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Fortress war [16.10.2010] on Eagle

Post by AsGoRaN | NeverNighT on Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:16 pm

Hey all, it would be great if we could take the Fortress!
But there is just a smart problem, the chinese are to much...
so let's set a date to ocoupie the Jangan Fortress on Flying Eagle.

Usually there a 2-3 Guilds which attack the Fortress.. but if we were more People.. we would be able to take the fortress

We need every european player on Flying Eagle, the lv doesn't matter...
2 weeks ago we got a real chance to enter the fortress.. we recruited every player from lv 20 - 110.. the low lv player attacked the gates while the highs protected them ( 100+ ). On this way we could handle it..
after we've taken the fortress we will set 1 great union to defend the fortress as well!

If you want to take part on this "Event" you can leave me a message I'll post it here. for the registration on this "Event" I just need the name of your Guild and the name of the leader, make sure that your leader has registered the Guild at the NPC !

Guilds which are already Registered for the Fortress War on 16th of october.
- ReignOfChaoZ * Shinigamii
- Dangerous * DerZauberer
- CocaCola * Wizz13

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Re: Fortress war [16.10.2010] on Eagle

Post by Eifersucht on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:49 am

CocaCola * Wizz13nub
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