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WTS Lv95 Bower. And lv81 wizard. Server Royal(Miracle+dunhang[VIP])

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WTS Lv95 Bower. And lv81 wizard. Server Royal(Miracle+dunhang[VIP])

Post by najwan1939 on Mon May 24, 2010 5:21 pm

Hey guys,I want to sell a level 95 bower, str bower, the current set is mixed 9d+5/+6 with 10d+5/som+4
At 96 the char will have full 10D set +5,with 2 som parts ( Head and hands)
The weapon that will be given with the account is 98 +7 FB bow.
The char also got an avatar.and gold can be given.
So you can choose either the char, naked,or with items.
Set ** pay attention stuff with N on,means they are for the next level.and bow is to 98 **

Skills:**The char is being farmed as u can see, Current sp is also shown,was planning to stop gap,and farm with sp quests at higher levels,or keeping gap to 98 to be 100 FF **

now to the 2nd account, the wizard.
This wizard is made to get to lv80,and plvl.
The wizard have wizard mastery at 81.
Cleric at 40, bard at 40.
This build gives him healing for his hp,from recovery division. and speed from moving march, so the char works perfectly to plvl up to the mages(lv78/79).
The char got a nice rope set +3/+5 , sos hand lv 76.and a +3 FB staff.
and again u can choose the char as naked or with those items,and with some gold if u like.


Skills:**This char is made for power leveling other chars,can plvl up to level 78/79 monsters,any monsters under that level can be done**

and about the payments,I can only accept paypal.No trading for another accounts,gold,or silks. because i am quitting Smile

If you are really interested, please add me on my msn,we can chat there.

Thanks in advance

Last edited by najwan1939 on Mon May 24, 2010 6:55 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Added screenshots for chars.)
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Re: WTS Lv95 Bower. And lv81 wizard. Server Royal(Miracle+dunhang[VIP])

Post by GRAnemoS on Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:35 pm

No more Miracle server exist, so locked.


Dont mess with me im Main Admin!
Dont mess with me im Main Admin!

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