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Division 2, Server Pharaonic Temple looking for Peoples

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Division 2, Server Pharaonic Temple looking for Peoples

Post by bigbosskray on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:24 am

Hey Guys,

I am from germany and play silkroad on Pharaonic Temple,
Division 2
... I am the guildmaster & Unionmaster who┤s looking for
our server.

We try to restore the harmony of Silkroad and enjoy, without
We are the once that kill the most
Uniques and do Partyplay.

In this moment there is a
union/alliance with 4 Guild: ThievesUTD (My Guild), ePvp(ElitePVPers,
Sayiro), PolishDevils(WyssaneJaJo) and Destiny (from LuvBoy).

you┤re the one who make new experience with this new feeling of freedom
in silkraod.

if you are interested pm me ingame, but when iam
afk send me a Message thank you mate...

KrayBex20 <---- INGAME
NAME or PM Sayira
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