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Warrior + cleric/bard by Fargathor

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Warrior + cleric/bard by Fargathor

Post by Fargathor on Sun Mar 09, 2008 4:37 am

Protector: Heavy armor, light armor or heavy armor/light armor (it depends on what you like)
All stat points we add in STR

Warior: [Mastery lv 90]
Frenzy Buster
Taunting Target [Max]
Vital Increase[Max]
Descry [Max]
Sprint Assault [Max]
Iron Skin [Max]
Howling Shout [Max]
Mana Skin [Max]

Guard Barrier
Pain Quota [Max]
Pysical Fence [Max]
Magical Fence [Max]
Protect [Max]
Physical Screen [Max]
Maical Screen [Max]
Ultimate Screen [Max]

One-hand Lord [Only for warrior with one handed sword and shield]
One-hand Arms [Max]
Power Shield [Max]
Blockade [Max]
Critical Void [Max]

One-handed Sword [Only for warrior with one handed sword and shield]
Slash [Max]
Shield trash [Max]
Double Stab [Max]
Berserker [Max]
Shield Crush [Max]
Cunning Stab [Max]
Daring Berserker [Max]

Two-hand Lord [Only forwarrior with Two-handed sword
Two-hand Arms [Max]
Concentration [Max]
Damage Return [Max]

Two-hand Sword [Only for warrior with Two-handed sword
Bash [Max]
Turn Rising [Max]
War Cry [Max]
Charge Swing [Max]
Maddening [Max]
Triple Swing [Max]
Dare Devil [Max]

Dual Lord [Only for warrior with Dual Axe]
Dual Arms [Max]
Dual Defense [Max]
Protection [Max]
Accuracy [Max]

Dual Axe [Only for warrior withDual Axe]
Down Cross [Max]
Double Twist [Max]
Axis Quiver [Max]
Dual Counter [Max]
Crisis Rush [Max]
Sudden Twist [Max]
Deadly Counter [Max]
Crucial Rush [Max]

Cleric : [Mastery Lv 80]

Caradinal Praise
Reverse [Max]
Grand Reverse [Max]

Mental Culture
Faith [Max]

Group Healing [Max]
Healing Division [Max]
Healing Cycle [Max]
Group Healing Breath [Max]
Healing Favor [Max]
Healing Orbit [Max]

Blessed Recovery
Bless Spell [Max]
Recovery Division [Max]

Group Reverse [Max]

Charity [Max]

Saint Prayer [Max]
Holy Word [Max]
Holy Spell [Max]

Force Blessing [Max]
Mental Blessing [Max]
Body Blessing [Max]
Soul Blessing [Max]
Force Deity [Max]
Mental Deity [Max]
Body Deity [Max]

Bard: [Mastery lv 10]

Music Pleasure
Moving March [Max]

Requied SP for:
1h sword = 566,284
2h sword = 568,225
Dual Axe = 567,115
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Section Moderator

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Re: Warrior + cleric/bard by Fargathor

Post by g0nzo on Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:45 pm

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Re: Warrior + cleric/bard by Fargathor

Post by Master_Mind on Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:19 am

LOL I LOL hard when i see a warrior -.- That taunt skill looks rediclus they hit 1 shot, yell, then shot,, then yell again

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Re: Warrior + cleric/bard by Fargathor

Post by Sponsored content

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